an archive where you can search for what clothes you wanted to make.

 archive of Waveartⓒ

Depending on their location, they are small details located where they are indispensable in general doubles,  

And puts organized thoughts into clothes. It reinterprets genderless and deconstructivism details in a classic but minimal style.

But they mix unnecessary details into various locations, making them unnecessary and unnecessary. It is a ‘Designer brand’ that constantly considers and studies art and products, and develops designs based on post-minimalism.  

24 Summer ' More like a movie than a movie.'

What you need for one result are a process of trial and error and an invisible effort to make the results shine. 

 The passion of the invisible moment of the staffs that makes the main actor shine, 

Weeds rooted in the side that make flowers feel beautiful, Brushes, paints, palettes, canvas, 

and easels that accompany the completion of the painting. 

 We often forget the process of trying to make the results and the moments we contained. 

We display the processes that have gone beyond the memory. 


It's 'us' that makes you shine, we're a 'process' for the result of who you are.