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Depending on their location, they are small details located where they are indispensable in general doubles,  

And puts organized thoughts into clothes. It reinterprets genderless and deconstructivism details in a classic but minimal style.

But they mix unnecessary details into various locations, making them unnecessary and unnecessary. It is a ‘Designer brand’ that constantly considers and studies art and products, and develops designs based on post-minimalism.  

23 Summer 'A voyage log.'

He takes the helm to an endless voyage even though he does not know where to arrive,
and writes down a voyage log for an island which has never been to. A lot of hardships, adversity,
wind and waves await him until he reaches the island. But he focus on tiny,
beautiful things while he rides through hardship and adversity.
The Constellations embroidered in the sky that used to guide him on his voyage every night.
The flower fields which is spreaded endlessly on the island by the end of his voyage.
 He writes about an adult's childhood that even cannot remember
when was the last time he looked up at the sky.
There was a time when he was pure and happy with small things in the face of hardship,
 With his longing for those days when he was immature and stupid but confident.