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Depending on their location, they are small details located where they are indispensable in general doubles,  

And puts organized thoughts into clothes. It reinterprets genderless and deconstructivism details in a classic but minimal style.

But they mix unnecessary details into various locations, making them unnecessary and unnecessary. It is a ‘Designer brand’ that constantly considers and studies art and products, and develops designs based on post-minimalism.  

23 Spring 'Blooming in ocean.'

Flower is in very emotional area among natural things, and waviness thinks that flower has something in common with our mind. When everything in nature wakes up and blooms, warm heart also flourish in ocean. 

 On last season waviness conducted collection motivated by cold and silent winter ocean. 

On this season waviness wants to unfold collection motivated by warm and dynamic spring ocean. 

 By the flower which has closest association with spring, Waviness brings the flower to our area, ‘Blomming in Ocean.’